EDGE Technology is a limited liability company founded in 2015.

Edge became a leader in communications & information technology and business solutions provider as well a supplier of a wide range of electronic equipment, telecommunications and parts thereof.

With headquarters located in Madeira Island, Portugal, Edge Technology provides consulting, implementation, support and management services for:

IT systems and platforms

networks and communications

business applications

security and ICT solutions

support and maintenance

monitoring and operation

Over the last decade, we have been growing steadily and sustainable, and dynamically evolved into becoming one of the leading ICT’s contractor in Portugal, France, Germany and USA.

Capitalizing on our significantly strong presence in what we consider strategic markets, our unique know how, qualified and certified team, we have capably managed and implemented sizeable turnkey missions in large infrastructure projects.

With Portugal as our hub, and a network of offices and partners in France, Hong Kong, China, UAE and USA, we serve a broad spectrum of segments.

construction industry

banking and financial services


government and public safety

real estate

commercial business



We strive to offer the best technology solutions and services to our clients, provide the finest working environment for our employees, and bringing the highest market value for our business.


We aim to be one of the leading ICT solutions and services provider in the Europe and North America, creating and applying innovative technology solutions that improve business results of our customers and improve society as a whole.


Our Code of Business Ethics reinforces our core values and drives our culture of compliance, ethical decision making and accountability. Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decision s. Everyone at EDGE has a role in protecting our company, our reputation and our brand. We must ensure that we have the best tools and resources to practice ethical decision making with clear accountability.

Innovative ideas, emerging technologies, strategic acquisitions, we work in an industry where the pace is fast and change is constant.

But some things will never change, like our commitment to doing business honestly, ethically and with respect for one another. At EDGE, we put our values into practice every day.

Openness & Transparency

We are ready to accept new suggestions, ideas, influences and opinions.

We seek to engage our people and understand different points of view.

We embrace change and collaboration, in order to deliver added value to EDGE Technology.

Trust & Respect

Trust and respect build the right environment for our people, our clients and our suppliers.

We treat each other with respect and do not tolerate harassment or intimidation.

We respect and support our communities and the environment, and we encourage active involvement in charitable activities.

Responsibility & Accountability

We protect and invest in Edge assets and safeguard the proprietary and confidential information.

We act proactively and take accountability for the current and future well being of our business.

We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients, based on delivering value.

We seek to understand our clients’ expectations and strive to meet or exceed them.


We recognize right from wrong and understand the ethical implications of our choices. We behave reliable, fair, and honest.

We give credit to those who deserve it, admitting our mistakes and turning
them into learning opportunities.

Our staff are specially vetted and continually trained on conducting themselves to the highest standards of stability, fidelity, self-respect, honesty and morality.

Ownership & Commitment

We commit to what we can deliver and deliver on what we commit.

We stand by our Values.

We act like owners of the company and make decisions within our authority.