Connected with our partners, offering a wide range of technological solutions.

For the last 3 years, Edge Technology developed with his clients, a partnership which lead to successful B2B projects. The main areas are described below.

We have attained high satisfaction with our clients as they experience the meticulous accuracy and attention to detail we put.

We understand our clients requirements and needs to design the most suited system.

We install and integrate the components of the project using the latest state of the art technology, thus helping the organizations we work with to accelerate revenue growth, increase market penetration, and optimize operating costs and employee productivity by capitalizing on communication and technology in their business operation.

Main B2B projects


Due to several suppliers that established a partnership with Edge, we can make available the most secure and technology advanced products in the market.

Example: Portugal Telecom USIM 128K triple cut half size.


Due to several global agreements, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions, from batteries, generators to Power Supplies, all AC/DC solutions innovating an testing in the field new and improved solutions that enable our clients to improve efficiency, diminishing costs and improve the security of their assets, enabling them to concentrate efforts on their core business.

On energy we also have the PSU (power supply units) used in everything. From router to tv box to ONT (optical network terminal) use in deploying fiber to the home, with new and improved solutions, like design optimization for better outlet deployment and improved electric efficiency of all products and diminishing
their carbon footprint.


From antennas to repeaters, and their accessories.

The telecommunications sector is systemically innovating, improving ways to connect, and changing protocols and technologies. 

One of the challenges operators face is the optimization of spectrum, mainly because it is a limited resource and very expensive. Reframing spectrum has become a tendency since the rollout of the LTE frequencies, challenging manufactures to combine more and more frequencies in their antennas.

EDGE is actively developing the best and most wanted solutions that focus on the improved performance of spectrum usage making the bridge between operators and manufactures and their respective engineer teams.

Our accessories are developed taking in to account several concerns and focusing on performance and quality. It is our believe that the we can offer our clients the best products in the market. In active radio components we have a line of repeaters that provide a wide number of solutions for active and passive DAS systems.

RCU (remote command unit)

We are on the cutting edge of the technology regarding RCU. At the moment we are implementing in several operators a digital voice remote control. Enables the user to use voice commands instead of pressing the traditional buttons.

Design, functionality, durability and safety are the main drivers of our products, focusing on the VfM (value for money) thematic.


In the new age of Television the traditional suppliers of video deployment, cannot deliver effectively and cost controlled the solutions that the end client demands.

Today 30% of TV contents a viewed in all sorts of screens, from the laptop, tablet and even Smartphones.

All those different screen sizes, operating systems and connections to the network demand different hardware from the traditional vendors. The next step is the virtualization of those services with a simple and fast implementation and the possibility of balancing resources as they are demanded.

All telecom companies also have a real necessity of implementing an operational management software, specifically tailored to the needs of the telecom industry.

After acquiring a cloud base Software Company and, implemented the telecom model to the management part of the software, we are able to supply an almost tailored solution to all telecom companies. For example we were able to diminish the operational cost of the software from Cablevision and Suddenlink in more than 50%, which were budgeted in the millions of dollars.


Terminal devices are all the devices that are on the end on the network connection, like mobile phones, routers, tv box’s and so on.

Our vast experience in the market of terminals enables us to supply and deliver high quality products that enable operators to augment profits and grab market share.

The client-operated devices, called “Terminals” by the broadcasters, have a peculiar marketing positioning that enforces the promotion of the same product to two different entities, the retailer and the final client. The retailer has to be convinced that the product will sell to the final client and the client needs the perceptiveness of the range of necessities that the product will address.

To accomplish this EDGE engages in several activities that will promote the benefits of the products, and promoting a peaceful post sale partnership.